Wendi Kali Photography: Logo and Card Design

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Wendi Kali asked me to design a logo for her photography business, to help further establish her identity. She requested a clean, professional, and “laid back” design, and with that, I got to work.

She liked my first card design, but wanted me to focus more on a friendly, fun look, while still maintaining a professional edge. After a few attempts to modify and enhance the first design, I scrapped it altogether and went for something completely different. This next piece hit home with her, and after a few minor adjustments, the new logo was complete and ready to go.

Breaking out of the typical “name and iconic image” look that is often seen in photography logos, this one was more illustration based, with a thick, modern serif font that was both bold and friendly. The font chose is called Chunk Five, and it’s a real beauty that fit in nicely with the illustration of Wendi.

Wendi is currently working on  photo book project called “The Butch/Femme Photo Project” which was recently funded through a KickStarter campaign. What is the project all about? Read about it in Wendi’s own words, below:

“Everyone in the world has an identity. With identities, we tend to want to give them a strict definition without recognizing that we are constantly redefining ourselves and those identities as we grow and evolve. Within the LGBTQI community there are many identities. Among them are Butch and Femme.

Both identities date back to the beginning of the 20th century and, for the most part, are part of the lesbian and bisexual sub-culture. Both have taken on many definitions and in claiming either identity, each person has their own definition and reason for doing so.”

You can read more about Wendi’s Project at http://butchfemmephotoproject.com/ or check out the February write-up at Huffington Post.

Wendi’s online portfolio is available at http://wendikaliphotography.com/