The Lament Configuartion

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The Box

I have always harbored a deep love for the Hellraiser films, the first of which was based off the novella “The Hellbound Heart” by Clive Barker. I lost most of my interest after Hell on Earth (though, admittedly, Bloodlines is unique), but still adore the first two films.

Here is a (loose) replica of “The Box” which I constructed in 1996. This was at a time when the Internet wasn’t the glorious encyclopedia that it is today, and photos of the box were scarce. So, using some imagination and screenshots from the original two films, I created my own box to relative scale. I had a little trouble with some of the patterns, since some panels were less prominent in the film, so I used a bit of creative freedom to finish it off.

Build and Design

The model was made out of a cereal box, which I used to create the cube. I then reinforced it with electrical tape and a spray-on laminate. After the basic cube had been built, I went to work on the face plates. Upon finishing 3 panels (the panels repeat: 3 = 6), I went to Kinko’s and had the designs transferred to adhesive paper. After adhering the panels to the cube, and a few colored pencils later, I had completed the design and gave it a final dusting of laminate to seal everything up.

When I first built this, I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up, but over the years it has done exceptionally well. The above photo was taken today – the box remains much the same as when I had first designed it. Also visible in the photo is the original panel layout that I had transferred to adhesive paper.

I was pretty proud of this little project and how I used what I could find around the house. I must’ve done something right because it’s still in one piece!