SansLux: Living Without

About SansLux is a site conceived of and designed by entrepreneur and sister designer, Stacy Bias. It is an experiment in “living without” in regards to luxuries, versus necessities. Each week, Stacy gives up one item such as television, music, make-up or spending, and blogs about her daily experience sans that luxury. It is a unique exploration into the bondage of human indulgence and it’s often unseen effect on our lives.


My involvement with this project was on the coding side, taking Stacy’s beautiful, streamlined, social network-friendly design from a detailed graphics file, and implementing it into a functional website. WordPress was the CMS of choice for this minty-fresh endeavor.

This is one of my more extensive forays into layout, creating unique post box stylings for the front page and category sections. It was also one of the more detailed designs I was given, being extremely thorough – right down to individual functions and font stylings! The site is compatible across all current major browsers, as well as IE 6 & 7 (imagine that!) Take a look!

Also, check her hosting company, Taproot, for excellent hosting that is not only affordable but also 100% wind-powered!