Operation Wellbeing

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Operation Wellbeing is the website of Counselor and Personal Development Coach, Lisa Loewenthal.

Lisa was looking for something different, to help set her apart from the more common styles of counseling websites, one that was warm and welcoming and reflective of her love of art. She allowed me a lot of artistic license with this design, and I am happy to say that she is beyond pleased with the outcome.

Seeking to really make Lisa comfortable in her new online home, I used pieces of her own artwork to help build the header image, namely the colorful textures that make up the sun, sky and the background for the sub-header, where the video, quote, and image of Lisa resides.

She expressed a desire for some kind of wood accent, which, fittingly enough, was incorporated into page borders, thereby framing the entire site. While there are a lot of lovely textures and layers within the design, it’s the header image that really brings it all together.

Operation Wellbeing Logo
Operation Wellbeing Logo

Outside of the site design, I also shot and edited the video you see on the home page and within the sidebars on the internal pages, took the photo of Lisa that appears below the header, and designed two versions of the logo: the one visible within the header, and the orange & charcoal minimalist version (seen here, to the left) for her business card and other print-related materials.

Working with Lisa was both ridiculously fun and ridiculously rewarding, and I can’t thank her enough for allowing me the opportunity to help design and develop her website and identity!

The site is designed on top of the ever-popular, WordPress CMS.

You can view an image of one of the internal pages, here.

Visit Lisa’s site at OperationWellbeing.com