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Mahalia Freed, a Naturopathic Doctor with a practice in Canada, contacted me after having seen my work on Orna Izakson’s website, Celilo Natural Health Center. She was interested in a new site design and re-branding her identity, while maintaining the overall style of the logo she already had.

My first order of business was reworking the text in her logo, while keeping the existing floral design, followed by a new business card design.

Next up was the site design itself. The image here shows the first version of the new site, which we later changed. The layout remained relatively the same, replacing the existing blue with a darker maroon color for the description bar and the alternating sidebar item backgrounds.

Then we reworked the header image, which developed into a tetraptych, the first image her logo. After we had chosen the photos for the 3 remaining spaces, I removed the newsletter signup link at the top of the page and implemented a newsletter signup box as the first item in the sidebar. Finally, I moved the search bar up above the header image to occupy the space where the original newsletter ink had appeared.

The last major change was with some of the heading typefaces. She chose some replacement fonts from Google Web Fonts to replace the homepage content headings as as well as the site description style, just below the header image.

Some notable features of the site include a video archive, rotating sidebar testimonials, an event calendar, and a contact form.

Mahalia was exceptionally easy to communicate with and an all around excellent client I’m very happy to have helped her in the development of her new site and brand.

You can view Mahalia’s site here.