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Click image for full-size is the website of a Southern California landscape artists, Cynthia Kiktavi. Cynthia that provides sustainable, “green” landscape designs of all styles, including Contemporary, Craftsman, Art-Deco, and European.

I wanted to give give this site an organic feel and tried to stay away from too many rectangular elements.  After designing the sloped frame of the header and content area, I decided that I didn’t want to use the standard social networking icons, so I created custom ones and adjusted the colors so that they still represented the basic tone of each social networking site, while working nicely with the Tuscan color scheme. is built on top of WordPress for ease of content management, and includes flash galleries, a contact form, social networking links and video (coming soon!).

Currently there is a temporary hold on the site’s content, while the company is writing new copy for each page, as well as developing video presentations.