Into the Ether…

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This project was a bit new for me – a UFO focused blog/news source, but I had some ideas churning around and was eager to get started. I felt it best to stay away from the typical sci-fi look, so there are no cheesy UFO images or alien faces in this design!

After a few very rough sketches, I opened up Adobe Illustrator and got to work. What I came up with was a stylized, yet unobtrusive theme that allowed for the reader to focus on the articles without being distracted by design elements. Two of the ways I achieved this was by using a light gray for the section outlines and a predominantly white background, while the headings and post-text were a significantly darker charcoal gray. This allowed the content to sort of ‘pop out’ at the reader .

The sidebar content layout was of particular focus. A lot of blogs (and I’m not going to name names) have so much going on in their sidebars that it makes navigating the site a bit of a headache. Without using a bunch of separating lines or background colors, I stuck to the use of padding, margins and colors to separate individual blocks.

This site was built on top of Blogger for use as a CMS. I have worked with Blogger in the past (see my Deirdre and the Sorrows design) and admittedly, its kind of a pain – mostly because unlike WordPress and other popular content management systems, Blogger uses it’s own propriety code. Because of this, Blogger blogs are not W3C compliant and do not validate. That said, I managed to create a solid 3 column theme without running into any major bumps along the way. And in Blogger’s defense, it is a very good, banner-less, & free blogging and CMS service, allowing users complete customization.

You can find the blog here.