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My design was featured in the October HostBaby client newsletter!

Here is an excerpt:

We added a great new template this week with 20 variations. Chose the standard header with a rustic, train yard feel in a variety of colors – or replace the large header with an image of your own. You’ll find it in Style/Color/Theme in your Wizard control panel.”


A few weeks ago I completed a design for  HostBaby is web hosting company for musicians who want to focus on their music and leave the design up to someone else!

Members are able to choose from a variety of templates that best suit their needs. Templates come in many variations, such as:  color,  design elements, and image placement options. It is an excellent service for the musician who wants a fresh, flashy, genre-relative design without taking time away from their music or shelling out their life savings for a quality site.

The Design

I had a few musical styles in mind when designing “Axle Grease”, a train-themed template: Western, Alt Country, Rockabilly, Bluegrass & Blues. Members are able to choose between a number of colors options & 4 design variations: A static header image (shown in picture),  a user-definable header image, an upright bass theme and an acoustic guitar theme. All variations  allow the member to choose a picture to fit the worn photograph section, located t the right of the post-body (pictured). The photograph edges remain static, while the image itself is changeable.

Designing for HostBaby was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. A musician myself, I was able to approach the project as if I were designing for others with the same musical tastes as myself.

Examples of some of other variations will be available soon.

*I’ll be beginning a new template for HostBaby in the next couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to post it here when it’s complete!