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Hideout Magazine was a photography-themed blog created and managed by Portland, OR photographer, Kina Williams. The site has since changed ownership and design.

The original high resolution images are lost, perhaps forever – the unfortunate casualty of a dead hard drive, and so the image to the left is the only one available.

Originally an online community for photographers around the world to talk, educate, laugh, learn, and develop friendships, Hideout recently made the transition from forum-based community to online magazine. Hideout Magazine offers tutorials, interviews, galleries, educational articles, and other photo-related goodness!

Kina approached me in February of this year in hopes that I could meet her design and development needs which included a custom-themed CMS-based site (WordPress). I quickly began working on sketches and mock-ups based on her initial desire for Hideout Magazine to actually look like a magazine, one with a more retro feel.

I began pouring through magazines I had around the house to get an idea for quote box designs and other types of page decor and layout, and shot some custom photos of a 1968 issue of Rolling Stone magazine to create the seam and layered page edges that I incorporated into the design.

As for the logo, Kina expressed an interest in vintage-eque typefaces. I eventually chose Bebas for the logo — a strong, bold type that invokes the feel of mid 20th century print publications.

To add some flavor to the home page, I used one of my favorite plug-ins, Featured Content Gallery. It’s an interactive image rotator that serves up photos associated with chosen featured articles.

Other implementations include social networking functionality, a flash gallery, homepage excerpts and a contact form.

Kina is very pleased with the final product and outcome of our business relationship, and has received some great feedback on the look and feel of the site. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Kina, and highly recommend her for any of your photographic needs!