Deirdre and the Sorrows

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Deirdre and the Sorrows is my music project with roots in Irish folk, Western, Bluegrass and Americana. Having been active in the Minneapolis Rockabilly scene in the mid to late 90s, I developed a deep appreciation for its sister influences and discovered that the part of Rockabilly I really liked was the ‘Billy’ more than the Rock.

The Design:

I just adore floral elements, and I used them heavily in this design. My goal was to create something rustic and particularly, western, while also using the floral bits to construct a somewhat subtle avian feel.

The Name:

The name comes from Irish mythology and a play, Deirdre of the Sorrows, by John Millington Synge, based on the same story. I had first read the story in 1998 and shortly thereafter, saw a small Chicago production of the play by Synge, shortly thereafter. I found it deeply inspiring.

You can read more about the story, here.