Country Girl Roundup

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The Site

Country Girl Roundup is a site that I have been brainstorming on, over the last few months. My current vision sees it as a website for all women – Queer and Straight, to discuss Country-life. Whether it’s cooking, decorating, gardening, music, art – whichever. My temporary tag-line is “Country Living For the Self-Proclaimed Country Girl”.

The site will consist of a forum, occasional articles, photography & artwork, though the majority of the focus will be on discussion.

The Logo

I figure most people will “get” the logo. When I first began conceiving of the site, I imagined a group of cowgirls sitting around a campfire, telling stories & heating up food in a soup pot, so after a few stabs at campfire and cowgirl hat based designs, I decided to try one with a pot. I sketched out an idea, pulled it into Illustrator and finished it off. The result is the image you’re seeing to the left.

The font used for “Roundup” is a free font called Scriptina. I am not a fan of script fonts, in general, but when I saw Scriptina, I kind of wanted to kiss it. It also works well for a sort of “lasso” look.