Cogs: A HostBaby Template

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Here is another template I did for If you haven’t seen my first one, you may view the write-up here.

This time around I was asked to do a more minimalistic design, since a number of music artists had recently expressed wanting  less ‘designy’ template options, allowing more focus on their own up-loadable pictures (and understandably so!).

You can check out the home page here.

This template, called “Cogs”, allows the viewers focus to be drawn more to the artists pictures and info than the design itself. A large image holder below the navigation menu-bar is offered, as well as in the sidebar.

A vector cog image was carried throughout the template (I’m particularly fond of the footer trio).  There is also a cog overlay in the sidebar image frame. The overlay is made to cover any image placed there by the artist. The internal pages continue pretty much how the home page is structured, with one notable exception, which is the Calendar page event backgrounds.

This design is geared for the Industrial/EBM/SynthPop artists. As you can see, there aren’t any excessive or flashy graphics at work here,  just clean, crisp, straightforward layout and elements.

With 3 header image options, this theme also comes in 4 colors and your choice of 2 layout variations (right and left justified).

See additional color schemes: Red, Green, Rust