Chaz Vitale

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Chaz Vitale of Skeleton Key Tattoo asked me to design a business card for him. He expressed a desire to have the overall design bring to mind the old playbill styles of the old west, as well as vintage carnival advertisements.

Chaz had a few color palettes and specific font-types that he wanted me to pull from. After researching the varied styles of theses late 19th & early 20th century adverts, I began laying out the front and back of the business card and narrowing down the color choices.

Chaz also expressed a strong desire to incorporate ornamental flourishes — something I love to to do. Using existing ornamental vectors for a basis, I then began editing those ornaments and using the pieces to build more elaborate borders and corners,  exclusive to Chaz’s business card.

Finally, I narrowed down the color palettes to just a few prominent tones and chose their associations. The more elaborate typefaces, such as the one used for Chaz’s name, were hand painted too tone and with gradients to really make them pop out.

Since typography is one of my favorite avenues of design, I am grateful for the opportunity to work on this piece. I thoroughly enjoyed designing this business card and am proud to have it as part of my portfolio.