Changing Spots

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The Movie:

Changing Spots is a film by Susan Turley and stars Lane West, Danielle Egnew & Lars Jackson. It is the story of Molly, an actress (played by Lane West) who, after returning to her small hometown, comes to terms with her past as a child actor, as well as the relationship with her father, and culminating in a confrontation with a sexual offender from her childhood.

The Design:

Susan, Lane and I went for a more mainstream look to the poster with the lead character in the foreground. The use of the swing set has particular significance in the film, while the stormy backdrop and lighting help represent the darkness of Molly’s past.

Additionally, an image of Molly’s father (Larrs Jackson) and her girlfriend help to balance out the ominous tone of the poster while providing a sort of “celestial” watching-over of Molly.

This was the original design of the poster. Since then the title logo as well as other fonts were changed by the director to better express her vision of the film. The image itself remains intact, though affected by and orange filter for the website and DVD release. The image above represents my work only.

You may read more about Changing Spots here, as well as view cast info, a film synopsis and trailers.