Managed Moves LLC

Managed Moves 2017 - Front

Managed Moves is a moving company located in Portland, OR that caters to the Senior community. Managed Moves not only assists in moving Seniors, but also offers packing services, estate clean-out services, estate sales, professional downsizing assistance, and free estimates.

Here is a promotional card I designed for Managed Moves in 2017. I also streamlined their existing logo. If you would like to see the back of the card, please click here.

Hill-Ten Construction LLC

Hill-Ten Door Hanger

Hill-Ten Construction LLC is a concrete focused contractor in Albany, Oregon. While they performed all phases of construction, their specialty was stamped-concrete and other artistic concrete applications.

Here is the official logo for Hill-Ten Construction LLC.

I worked closely with the owner Mike to create a logo that honored an older tradition of branding, a style that was incorporated in their signage, vehicle decals, apparel, advertisements, and business cards.

Mike was very pleased with my work on this project and often passed along compliments he had received from other contractors and businesses he worked with.

Originally, they had wanted a logo that incorporated an excavator, so many of my early sketches were heavy with construction image equipment. After a number of conversations and meetings, it was decided that we would go with a retro-inspired look and feel – something I felt I would particularly excel at.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating these pieces and working with Hill-Ten Construction and thank them for the opportunity to help them realize their image and goals.

Typography: ETH

Click image for full-size
Click image for full-size

The ETH is an acronym for “Extra-terrestrial Hypothesis”. However, some tend to forget that the word “hypothesis” is in there when they rattle off these 3 letters. This is a reminder.

Typography: Women

Click image for full-size
Click image for full-size

I had been wanting to create a typography block for some time and had decided on one that was dedicated to queer women in design, using words that I felt helped empower. This is the result of that endeavor. The layout was done in Illustrator and the final output was finished in Photoshop using a paper texture, lighting source, and layer blending.

You can see the raw vector image, here.