Managed Moves LLC

Managed Moves is a moving company located in Portland, OR that caters to the Senior community. Managed Moves not only assists in moving Seniors, but also offers packing services, estate clean-out services, estate sales, professional downsizing assistance, and free estimates. … Read More

Hill-Ten Construction LLC

Hill-Ten Construction LLC is a concrete focused contractor in Albany, Oregon. While they performed all phases of construction, their specialty was stamped-concrete and other artistic concrete applications. Here is the official logo for Hill-Ten Construction LLC. I worked closely with … Read More

Chaz Vitale

Chaz Vitale of Skeleton Key Tattoo asked me to design a business card for him. He expressed a desire to have the overall design bring to mind the old playbill styles of the old west, as well as vintage carnival … Read More

SoCal Crawfish Connection

The Crawfish logo was sketched out a number of times and the final design is true to my last sketch. The logo incorporates a subtle cartoon element that I feel gives it a unique, original look without making it appear childish.… Read More

Changing Spots

Changing Spots is a film by Susan Turley and stars Lane West, Danielle Egnew & Lars Jackson. It is a story about Molly, an actress (played by Lane West) who returns home and comes to terms with her past as a child actor, her relationship with her father and her confrontation with a sexual offender from her childhood.… Read More