Hill-Ten Construction LLC

Hill-Ten Door Hanger

Hill-Ten Construction LLC is a concrete focused contractor in Albany, Oregon. While they performed all phases of construction, their specialty was stamped-concrete and other artistic concrete applications.

Here is the official logo for Hill-Ten Construction LLC.

I worked closely with the owner Mike to create a logo that honored an older tradition of branding, a style that was incorporated in their signage, vehicle decals, apparel, advertisements, and business cards.

Mike was very pleased with my work on this project and often passed along compliments he had received from other contractors and businesses he worked with.

Originally, they had wanted a logo that incorporated an excavator, so many of my early sketches were heavy with construction image equipment. After a number of conversations and meetings, it was decided that we would go with a retro-inspired look and feel – something I felt I would particularly excel at.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating these pieces and working with Hill-Ten Construction and thank them for the opportunity to help them realize their image and goals.

Operation Wellbeing

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Operation Wellbeing is the website of Counselor and Personal Development Coach, Lisa Loewenthal.

Lisa was looking for something different, to help set her apart from the more common styles of counseling websites, one that was warm and welcoming and reflective of her love of art. She allowed me a lot of artistic license with this design, and I am happy to say that she is beyond pleased with the outcome.

Seeking to really make Lisa comfortable in her new online home, I used pieces of her own artwork to help build the header image, namely the colorful textures that make up the sun, sky and the background for the sub-header, where the video, quote, and image of Lisa resides.

She expressed a desire for some kind of wood accent, which, fittingly enough, was incorporated into page borders, thereby framing the entire site. While there are a lot of lovely textures and layers within the design, it’s the header image that really brings it all together.

Operation Wellbeing Logo
Operation Wellbeing Logo

Outside of the site design, I also shot and edited the video you see on the home page and within the sidebars on the internal pages, took the photo of Lisa that appears below the header, and designed two versions of the logo: the one visible within the header, and the orange & charcoal minimalist version (seen here, to the left) for her business card and other print-related materials.

Working with Lisa was both ridiculously fun and ridiculously rewarding, and I can’t thank her enough for allowing me the opportunity to help design and develop her website and identity!

The site is designed on top of the ever-popular, WordPress CMS.

You can view an image of one of the internal pages, here.

Visit Lisa’s site at OperationWellbeing.com


Wendi Kali Photography: Logo and Card Design

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Wendi Kali asked me to design a logo for her photography business, to help further establish her identity. She requested a clean, professional, and “laid back” design, and with that, I got to work.

She liked my first card design, but wanted me to focus more on a friendly, fun look, while still maintaining a professional edge. After a few attempts to modify and enhance the first design, I scrapped it altogether and went for something completely different. This next piece hit home with her, and after a few minor adjustments, the new logo was complete and ready to go.

Breaking out of the typical “name and iconic image” look that is often seen in photography logos, this one was more illustration based, with a thick, modern serif font that was both bold and friendly. The font chose is called Chunk Five, and it’s a real beauty that fit in nicely with the illustration of Wendi.

Wendi is currently working on  photo book project called “The Butch/Femme Photo Project” which was recently funded through a KickStarter campaign. What is the project all about? Read about it in Wendi’s own words, below:

“Everyone in the world has an identity. With identities, we tend to want to give them a strict definition without recognizing that we are constantly redefining ourselves and those identities as we grow and evolve. Within the LGBTQI community there are many identities. Among them are Butch and Femme.

Both identities date back to the beginning of the 20th century and, for the most part, are part of the lesbian and bisexual sub-culture. Both have taken on many definitions and in claiming either identity, each person has their own definition and reason for doing so.”

You can read more about Wendi’s Project at http://butchfemmephotoproject.com/ or check out the February write-up at Huffington Post.

Wendi’s online portfolio is available at http://wendikaliphotography.com/

Previous Portfolio Design

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The image to the left is the second incarnation of my online portfolio. I’m currently on my third, Ether Bound. I really liked the previous version, but I wanted to re-invent the site with something a little less ‘dark’.

The first version of my site was called Dwarven Brassiere. Unfortunately, I do not have an image of that design, though I do have the logo.

Sculpting: Krampus

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Click image for full-size

I have a whole series of images showing my progress on this piece, which I will upload once I’m finished. This is my 4th sculpture (or 3rd, if you don’t count the one I scrapped) and is inspired by the Krampus. The Krampus is usually depicted as male, so obviously that had to change. This is a fat-positive project, helping to show that all women, regardless of shape and size (or demonic background) can be beautiful and sexy.

Illustration: Pretty Pink Porcine

Click image for full-size
Click image for full-size

So, I was sketching one day, incorporating aspects of myself into the body of a cartoon pig, and came up with this. I took it into illustrator for inking and color. I really love this. Well, I love pigs in general, but I particularly love this illustration. I have another one that I will display shortly, where the pig is dancing. Originally, I was going to re-design my site with this sort of theme in mind, but then I came up with look of Ether Bound and felt that was a better plan.

Chaz Vitale

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Chaz Vitale of Skeleton Key Tattoo asked me to design a business card for him. He expressed a desire to have the overall design bring to mind the old playbill styles of the old west, as well as vintage carnival advertisements.

Chaz had a few color palettes and specific font-types that he wanted me to pull from. After researching the varied styles of theses late 19th & early 20th century adverts, I began laying out the front and back of the business card and narrowing down the color choices.

Chaz also expressed a strong desire to incorporate ornamental flourishes — something I love to to do. Using existing ornamental vectors for a basis, I then began editing those ornaments and using the pieces to build more elaborate borders and corners,  exclusive to Chaz’s business card.

Finally, I narrowed down the color palettes to just a few prominent tones and chose their associations. The more elaborate typefaces, such as the one used for Chaz’s name, were hand painted too tone and with gradients to really make them pop out.

Since typography is one of my favorite avenues of design, I am grateful for the opportunity to work on this piece. I thoroughly enjoyed designing this business card and am proud to have it as part of my portfolio.


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ESTRELA Sustainability Consultants is an ecologically conscious consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon. ESTRELA tailors a ‘green’ sustainability master plan for each business and organization they work with, that meets the abilities and needs of each respective client in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Click here to view an internal page.

Design of the ESTRELA website began with a number of pencil & paper sketches, resulting in two distinctive styles & layouts. The final design (shown left) focuses on the need for urban business and development to integrate with nature on both an aesthetic and globally beneficial level.

It’s sometimes difficult to design around an existing logo, especially where a specific look is desired, but I believe that the design and layout I have developed for ESTRELA Sustainability Consultants marries well to their established brand.

It has been a pleasure to work with both Robert Carlson and Linda Scarlett, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with them, delivering an attractive, user-friendly, and Eco-conscious web-presence.


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Kiktavi.com is the website of a Southern California landscape artists, Cynthia Kiktavi. Cynthia that provides sustainable, “green” landscape designs of all styles, including Contemporary, Craftsman, Art-Deco, and European.

I wanted to give give this site an organic feel and tried to stay away from too many rectangular elements.  After designing the sloped frame of the header and content area, I decided that I didn’t want to use the standard social networking icons, so I created custom ones and adjusted the colors so that they still represented the basic tone of each social networking site, while working nicely with the Tuscan color scheme.

Kiktavi.com is built on top of WordPress for ease of content management, and includes flash galleries, a contact form, social networking links and video (coming soon!).

Currently there is a temporary hold on the site’s content, while the company is writing new copy for each page, as well as developing video presentations.

Typography: Women

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Click image for full-size

I had been wanting to create a typography block for some time and had decided on one that was dedicated to queer women in design, using words that I felt helped empower. This is the result of that endeavor. The layout was done in Illustrator and the final output was finished in Photoshop using a paper texture, lighting source, and layer blending.

You can see the raw vector image, here.