Hill-Ten Construction LLC

Hill-Ten Construction LLC is a concrete focused contractor in Albany, Oregon. While they performed all phases of construction, their specialty was stamped-concrete and other artistic concrete applications. Here is the official logo for Hill-Ten Construction LLC. I worked closely with … Read More

Operation Wellbeing

Operation Wellbeing is the website of Counselor and Personal Development Coach, Lisa Loewenthal. Lisa was looking for something different, to help set her apart from the more common styles of counseling websites, one that was warm and welcoming and reflective … Read More

Chaz Vitale

Chaz Vitale of Skeleton Key Tattoo asked me to design a business card for him. He expressed a desire to have the overall design bring to mind the old playbill styles of the old west, as well as vintage carnival … Read More


ESTRELA Sustainability Consultants is an ecologically conscious consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon. ESTRELA tailors a ‘green’ sustainability master plan for each business and organization they work with, that meets the abilities and needs of each respective client in an … Read More


Kiktavi.com is the website of a Southern California landscape artists, Cynthia Kiktavi. Cynthia that provides sustainable, “green” landscape designs of all styles, including Contemporary, Craftsman, Art-Deco, and European. I wanted to give give this site an organic feel and tried … Read More