Operation Wellbeing

Operation Wellbeing is the website of Counselor and Personal Development Coach, Lisa Loewenthal. Lisa was looking for something different, to help set her apart from the more common styles of counseling websites, one that was warm and welcoming and reflective … Read More


Mahalia Freed, a Naturopathic Doctor with a practice in Canada, contacted me after having seen my work on Orna Izakson’s website, Celilo Natural Health Center. She was interested in a new site design and re-branding her identity, while maintaining the … Read More


Jonathan Poisner contacted me in 2011 looking for a minimal site design that incorporated nicely with is already existing logo. You can visit Jonathan’s site, here.


ESTRELA Sustainability Consultants is an ecologically conscious consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon. ESTRELA tailors a ‘green’ sustainability master plan for each business and organization they work with, that meets the abilities and needs of each respective client in an … Read More


JAR Magazine was an online, subscription-based magazine covering the topic of alien abduction. The magazine and website are no longer active as of the beginning of this year (2013), though I am told past issues will be made available in … Read More


Kiktavi.com is the website of a Southern California landscape artists, Cynthia Kiktavi. Cynthia that provides sustainable, “green” landscape designs of all styles, including Contemporary, Craftsman, Art-Deco, and European. I wanted to give give this site an organic feel and tried … Read More

Hideout Magazine

Hideout Magazine was a photography-themed blog created and managed by Portland, OR photographer, Kina Williams. The site has since changed ownership and design. The original high resolution images are lost, perhaps forever – the unfortunate casualty of a dead hard … Read More


I had been discussing a new logo and a web design re-haul of Oregon Women’s Campaign School (OWCS) with board member Liz McCann, for some time now, and finally reached a point where we were able to move forward with … Read More

Celilo Natural Health Center

Celilo Natural Health Center is the Naturopathic practice of Dr. Orna Izakson ND, RH (AHG), located in Portland, OR. I was first contacted by Orna through a company that I occasionally do freelance work for, Chipboard Creative. This would be … Read More