SoCal Crawfish Connection

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SoCal Crawfish Connection is a new seafood restaurant located in Irvine California. The business, owned and operated by the Tran family, began as a coffee shop, later morphing into a whole new venture.

This is the front and back of a coupon card they asked me to create for inclusion in local papers and establishments.

I had a lot of fun with this – particularly the back portion of the card, as I was able to play around with some more unconventional type faces.

Changing Spots

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The Movie:

Changing Spots is a film by Susan Turley and stars Lane West, Danielle Egnew & Lars Jackson. It is the story of Molly, an actress (played by Lane West) who, after returning to her small hometown, comes to terms with her past as a child actor, as well as the relationship with her father, and culminating in a confrontation with a sexual offender from her childhood.

The Design:

Susan, Lane and I went for a more mainstream look to the poster with the lead character in the foreground. The use of the swing set has particular significance in the film, while the stormy backdrop and lighting help represent the darkness of Molly’s past.

Additionally, an image of Molly’s father (Larrs Jackson) and her girlfriend help to balance out the ominous tone of the poster while providing a sort of “celestial” watching-over of Molly.

This was the original design of the poster. Since then the title logo as well as other fonts were changed by the director to better express her vision of the film. The image itself remains intact, though affected by and orange filter for the website and DVD release. The image above represents my work only.

You may read more about Changing Spots here, as well as view cast info, a film synopsis and trailers.

Red Door Wellness

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The Business:

Red Door Wellness is a holistic wellness practice run by Aimee Jo Davis.

The Design:

Aimee had wanted a warm, cozy look that was striking, yet easy on the eyes. After some brainstorming I came up with an Autumnal design that I felt portrayed the image she wanted to give her business.

As a logo, we didn’t feel the banner text with the opaque leaves was a solid enough design, so I hit the pad and sketched out a few ideas based on various door styles and key holes. The design she decided upon incorporated the obvious door theme but with a subtle corner effect to help it stand aside from other door logos we had seen.

As a personal touch, the window panes in the logo were inspired by Darren and Samantha Steven’s front door in the 1960s television sitcom Bewitched.

Deirdre and the Sorrows

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Deirdre and the Sorrows is my music project with roots in Irish folk, Western, Bluegrass and Americana. Having been active in the Minneapolis Rockabilly scene in the mid to late 90s, I developed a deep appreciation for its sister influences and discovered that the part of Rockabilly I really liked was the ‘Billy’ more than the Rock.

The Design:

I just adore floral elements, and I used them heavily in this design. My goal was to create something rustic and particularly, western, while also using the floral bits to construct a somewhat subtle avian feel.

The Name:

The name comes from Irish mythology and a play, Deirdre of the Sorrows, by John Millington Synge, based on the same story. I had first read the story in 1998 and shortly thereafter, saw a small Chicago production of the play by Synge, shortly thereafter. I found it deeply inspiring.

You can read more about the story, here.