BioCrest Remediation

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BioCrest Remediation was a business that offered an inexpensive and environmentally friendly product to help clean up ocean oil spill distaster.

Because they were eager to meet the needs of the BP oil spill of 2010, I was crunching to deliver their logo and website within a 7-day window – from conceptualization through to the building. The site design ended up saving me in the end, a they were in the market for something extremely minimalist: header image, menu bar, and single sidebar with limited content. Since that was fairly easy to achieve and still meet the deadline with room to spare, my bigger focus was on the logo.

Their ideal branding objective was a soft, ‘green’ influenced logo that evoked Eco-consiousness. The image shown here is one of the two final versions. The other is a shortened acronym version, which can be viewed here.

The folks at Biocem Remediation were quite pleased with the final product, expressing that their needs had been more than met. I was happy too!