Hi, I’m Deirdre and I’m a designer living in Portland, OR.

I’ve had my hand in a number of media-based cookie jars over the years, but design has remained my favorite creative outlet, beginning in early 2000 when I developed my first website. This further progressed into a love for print and logo design, as well as typography. I’ve been freelancing since 2003, and while I’m always happy to take on freelance gigs, I am eager to slip back into the hustle and bustle of the work place, interacting with others in a less online capacity.

I am highly experienced with the usual applications, particularly Photoshop & Illustrator, which have been my primary tools, and am ridiculously proficient in both Mac and Windows platforms.

Because most of my clients now request some kind of CMS to manage their content, I have become something of a WordPress nerd, and on occasion, a Blogger geek. Oh, and before I forget, I build almost all of the sites I create, whether as a theme for a CMS, or straight-up XHTML/CSS. If you’d like to see my resume, send me a note!